Have you bought something from our e-shop which does not meet your initial expectations? Don’t worry. You have the statutory right to return goods within 14 days from the date you received them. Simply fill out the form in the appendix.

Goods must show no signs of use and the original packaging must be returned complete without any signs of damage, otherwise the amount of the refund may be proportionally reduced according to law.

The cost of the purchase will be repaid to your bank account within 14 days at the latest.

What if you are purchasing for a business or on a trading licence?

In the case of corporate customers, you have the option of returning the goods within 4 days of receiving the delivery. Within 14 days, we offer the possibility of replacing the goods, at a minimum cost of 75% of the original price of the goods.

Replaced goods can no longer be returned or further replaced. In the case of business customers, the statutory time limit for returning the amount paid to the bank account for the goods is 30 days.