How to update the firmware?

The new, improved firmware version delivers minor modifications to the factory version bringing improvements to the camera’s performance.

Should your camera function properly, then you do not have to update the firmware.

The latest firmware version for your TrueCam camera with the described alterations and enhancements is available at

Important: Always update the firmware with the camera connected to the vehicle’s power adapter and with a fully charged battery.

To update, please follow the instructions below:

1. Format the memory card on your computer to FAT32 (the default allocation unit size).

2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file from the web site to a newly created folder (for example, on your Desktop).

3. Copy the .BIN file only from the folder created in step 2 to the root of the memory card.

4. Insert the memory card with the downloaded firmware in the camera and connect it to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter power supply.

5. The camera will now turn on automatically and the "Update Firmware?" Or "Firmware update?" popup menu will appear. Use the arrows and OK to select "Yes". Updating may take several minutes.

Note: TrueCam A4, A5 Pro Wifi and A6 cameras will automatically update the firmware without displaying the update confirmation message. The blue diode on the camera starts blinking, first slowly, then more rapidly. As soon as the camera restarts, the update has been successful.

6. After updating the firmware successfully, the camera can be restarted using the "OK" button, then remove the memory card and make sure that the firmware file is then erased from it, as otherwise the camera will offer a firmware upgrade every time it is turned on.

9. When the camera is switched on again, enable the "Factory setting" / "Default setting" in the camera's MENU.

Now the update is complete and the camera is ready for use.


You will also find these instructions included in the update package available from our site

Please feel free to contact our technical support department, should you have any questions or concerns,