Reset your device according to the instructions below. After the reset, you will be able to register your device ID in your LAMAX Tracking account. 

Before performing the steps below, make sure that a working SIM card without PIN code is inserted in the device with an active data package (internet access).

Performing a reset will also remove the device from your LAMAX Tracking account. After the reset, you must re-add the device in the application for further use.


Online reset (only for LAMAX WatchY2 / WatchY3 - if it is a GPS Locator, please let us know):

1. Open the website

2. Enter the ID of the device you wish to remove and reset (10-digit number) in the "Device ID / ID Number" field.

3. Click on the checkbox next to the description "I'm not a robot"

4. After successful confirmation, click on "Send code"

5. A message with a verification code (6 characters) will be sent to the device display. The message will arrive in the same way as when you send a message from the LAMAX Tracking app to your watch.

 6. Enter the code in the "Verification code / Verification code" field and confirm with "Reset device / Reset device". If the code has disappeared on the display, you can find it in the menu section "Messages".

7. After the reset and removal of the device has been successfully performed, the message "Device has been reset" will be displayed.

 8. The device reboots and is ready for use. If the reboot does not take place automatically, perform it manually.