a) Register

If you don't have an account in the app yet, register by clicking on the Register button. Select your country/region and fill in your email address. Carefully read the Privacy Policy and check the Agree box. Next, click the Retrieve Verification Code button and copy the six-digit code you received in your email inbox. Now set your password (6-20 characters with a combination of letters and numbers) and click Go to Application.

Note: The code is only valid for 60 seconds. If you have not completed it by then, click the Resubmit button and complete the code again.

b) Log in with your existing account

If you already have an account in the app, click Sign in with an existing account. Select your country/region, fill in your email address, enter your password and click the Login button.

c) Pair your camera with the app

Plug the power adapter connector into the camera's input and the adapter into a power outlet. The camera will start to rotate and report "Wait for Wi-Fi config", at which point it will search for a home router to connect to. 

Note: If you do not hear any signal, carefully rotate the camera lens upwards and hold the reset button for five seconds (see the CAMERA DESCRIPTION section, point 4). If the camera is currently rotating, wait until it comes to a complete stop to avoid damaging the motor. The camera must be plugged in to the mains for the factory reset to be successful.

In the application, click the Add Device button. In the left column, select Video surveillance and click Camera (Wi-Fi). Even if the camera does not have an LED indicator that flashes during the pairing process, confirm it flashes quickly in the app. Select Home Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), enter the password for that Wi-Fi, and click Next. 

Note: The app requires access to the location for proper pairing.

Hold the QR code display in front of the camera lens at a distance of 15 to 20 cm. When the pairing is successful, the "Connect router", "Connect internet" and "Add device success" beeps will sound. Click on the "Beep" button and wait until the pairing is complete, which you will see in the app. When it is complete, click the Done button. At this point, the camera is ready for use.