For slower footage, we recommend uploading videos at a higher frame rate (FPS) and at a suitable resolution. This must be set in your camera. The higher the frame rate, the slower the video can be shot without any loss of quality.

Depending on the type of camera, either the device can slow down the shot as it is being taken (in the same way as accelerated video - timelapse), or the recording may be slowed afterwards by using an editing program.

The rate of regular video streaming is 25/30 FPS for a 1: 1 ratio. An increase in this resolution, for example, up to 60 FPS, allows a double reduction in video speed without any loss in quality. Therefore 120 FPS allows a reduction of up to 4x etc. In reality, the video can be slowed down far more than this. An image editing program is important in order to maintain the smoothness and sharpness of the shot. Factors that affect the quality of video slowdowns are, for example, how the video is shot (it is easier to slow down an object that is on a white background than one in front of a complex colorful background), what FPS rate the video is being shot and, of course, the quality of the software that is being used.

There are specialised programs and plug-ins for editing that offer enhanced speed-reduction quality much better than with regular editing programs