Lullabies for your baby start button for "melody". The baby unit will automatically play one after another lullaby. Thus will rotate 8 melodies.

To switch to another tune just briefly push the button to talk and lullaby turns into another.

If you want to play only one lullaby over and over again, it is necessary to hold the button for a few seconds talking (until the parent unit beeps). Thus, although automatically switches to the next tune, but it has to play over and over again. If you want to change to a different lullaby, press the button for speaking - thus lullaby every time changes and then will play over and over again.

If you want the baby unit again played a lullaby gradually, you need both units off and on.

Note regarding lullabies Volume: Volume lullabies can not be changed, is set to a reasonable and pleasant sound, which should be a baby or child sleep quickly. If you really need some way to reduce the volume, we can only recommend various mechanical part covering the back of the baby unit (camera), where the sound output from the speaker (eg. Cloth, cardboard, etc.)